Playalinda Beach, Florida

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Playalinda is a very unique nude beach. It’s at the very northern point of the access road of the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. The entrance to this road is completely shut down several days before a space shuttle launch/landing. You can check out the latest information here. The road from the mainland in Titusville, all the way to Lot 13, where you want to park, is a long one. There is nothing much out there but nature, and a LOT of it. It’s a great place for nature photography. The road takes you through a swampy area where you can see swampy creatures like turtles, birds and alligators. There are even a few nature trail stops if you’re so inclined. It’s about 15 to 20 minutes of driving once you leave the Titusville mainland.

I mention the remoteness not only so you can get a feel of the place, but to also prepare you to prepare yourself. You won’t find anybody selling cold beverages or food out at the beach, and it’s not a quick ride anywhere to accommodate such things. Brings LOTS of water and plenty of food for the time you plan on being there. It won’t hurt to bring a little extra just to make sure. Oh yeah, and make sure you have plenty of gas before leaving the mainland!

Check out My Maps for a satellite view from Google, where you can also get driving directions.

Playalinda Map


If they didn’t have little buildings that essentially have a portapoti inside them, there wouldn’t be any at all. The place is pretty barren – some parking, a toilet, and a dune crossing. You won’t find any fresh showers here, so I’d suggest bringing a gallon of water to rinse off with when returning to your car.


There are a lot of surf fishermen on the beach at just about all of the parking lots. The fishing here must really be good since there are so many of them. There isn’t a lot of “civilization” around the area, so the place is pretty pristine.

Another big activity here is surfing. The beach boasts some pretty good surf by Florida standards. Just watch out for the abundant marine life! Most of the surfers hang at beaches earlier in the road, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t decent surf in the nude zone.

As I mentioned above, the entrance road takes you through the thick of nature, so if you’re into photography at all, or bird watching, then plan on spending some time on the way in or out (keeping good light in mind) to take it all in.

The nude beach area doesn’t have any permanent games like volleyball nets and such, but on busier weekends and holidays it’s likely that you could join a game with some of the more organized locals.

For the most part, this beach is all about enjoying the great outdoors – just getting away from it all and finding peace and tranquility.

The Park

The park is pretty much open from sunrise to sunset. But keep in mind the shuttle launch schedule can ruin your plans. It’ll cost you about $5 to get into the park unless you have a state park permit.


Technically, nudity is not legal here, but much of the time the rangers don’t enforce it. However, sometimes the sheriff does, so just keep an eye out for any “official” looking people and have a cover-up handy just to be on the safe side.

This stretch of beach gets a lot of sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. Generally, if you see an ATV roaming the beaches they’re out documenting new turtle nests and checking up on old ones and such. But like I said, better safe than sorry :).

The People

For the most part, the people you encounter here will be very friendly and of mixed makeup. There are families, couples and singles. Many of the people travel over from Orlando since it’s relatively close. There are probably a number of adventurous tourists taking a break from the Space Center, too.

The further north you go, the more sparse the people get. You’ve gotta go a pretty good way to get a spot all to your lonesome, and even then some of the creepier fringe types may make it impossible to have complete solitude. Generally speaking, the more normal people and families are relatively close to the dune crossing.


As you can see from My Maps, parking is a bit tight. You really want to park at Lot 13. If you have to, the walk from Lot 12 isn’t horrible, but going any further is a real hike. The best thing to do is get there early. If you can’t, you may get lucky and somebody will leave when you get there. Of all the beach accesses along the miles of road, the fishermen seem to like to take up the prime nude parking spots at the end :(.